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Services for important events
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Vivaticket is the ideal partner
for the production of record events!

Events production

Vivaentertainment is the company of Vivaticket group that takes care of all activities in support of event production.

A complete service, designed to support the organiser of an event by providing services to complete the production activity.

From the concept to the operational phase, through strategic planning, the search for sponsors and communication.

Vivaentertainment follows all the activities supporting the entire production process of an event, offering highly specialised know-how, capable of reacting promptly to all the challenges associated with a large production.

Thanks to its twenty years of experience and transversal skills, acquired by working in first person in all the different organisational phases, Vivaentertainment is the ideal partner for your event.

Before the event

Vivaentertainment is able to provide all the services to support the Production of the event, before, during and after.

From planning and setting up the venue to managing the relationship with the authorities, from the activation of special means of transport to tax practices.

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Vivaentertainment deals with the identification and research of potential sponsors, the contractualisation of the chosen ones and the management, also during the event, of all the agreed promotion activities.

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Vivaentertainment takes care of all communication activities, from the graphic design to the printing of materials, from the creation of the website and APP for smartphones to PR activities, passing through social campaigns, SEM, sending newsletters and DEMs.

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Vivaentertainment can offer the services of access control, reception of the public, security, ticketing, merchandising sale, identification of partners for catering, consultancy for the management of the relationship with the institutions involved and any other activity necessary for the proper conduct of the event.

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